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What Should We Include in Our Texas Parenting Plan? 

 Posted on August 15, 2022 in Family Law

Galveston County Child Custody LawyerTexas law and culture encourage parents who are getting divorced to continue co-parenting as peaceably as possible. This means working as a team to raise minor children, despite the divorce and any personal differences between the parents. While this may not be easy, a firm commitment to co-parenting yields better-adjusted kids and less stressed parents, making the payoff substantial for everyone. Here are some things to include in your Texas parenting plan, or possession order, as you start the co-parenting journey together. 

Texas Parenting Plan Requirements

Certain things are nice to have in your parenting plan, but other things are essential. Things that you must have in your parenting plan include: 

  • Whether one or both parents will be managing conservators or possessory conservators. Managing conservators have the authority to make important decisions regarding healthcare, education, etc. for the children; possessory conservators have the authority to spend visitation time with the children

  • Which parent is the managing conservator, or the parent who decides the child’s main place of residence

  • Whether the child’s residence must remain within a certain distance 

  • How parents will share decision-making responsibilities

  • A possession and access (visitation) schedule detailing when each child will be with each parent, including weekends and holidays  

  • Whether a parent will pay child support, and how much 

  • How a child’s healthcare costs will be covered 

As long as you have the basics, you can adjust your parenting plan to include other details that make either parent comfortable or that might prevent conflict. Things that you may also want to put in your parenting plan include: 

  • The right of first refusal (whether parents are required to seek supplemental childcare from each other before babysitters)

  • Whether each parent wants to appoint an adult who can pick up or drop off the kids 

  • What to do if a child must miss school 

  • How a child will be transported between parents’ homes

  • Which parent will claim the child as a dependent on their income taxes 

  • A plan for ensuring homework is completed and turned in 

  • Whether disputes must be resolved during mediation 

  • Permission and plans for taking children out of state or out of country 

Meet with a Galveston County Custody Lawyer

While creating a great parenting plan will take some patience, creativity, and compromise, with the help of a Galveston custody attorney it is possible. To schedule a free consultation, call the offices of Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C. today at 409-392-1511. We have extensive experience helping families get through divorce in one piece and we can help you, too. 



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