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The process of ending your marriage and getting a divorce can be complex. You and your spouse will need to address multiple types of legal issues, as well as financial concerns and practical considerations related to where you will live, how you will raise your children, and more. As you work to address these concerns, you may take multiple different approaches to resolve the disputes that you may encounter. By working with a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer, you can determine whether you will be able to pursue an uncontested divorce or whether you will need to resolve contested issues in court.

Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C. provides experienced representation to divorcing spouses, helping them determine the best approach to take as they work to legally dissolve their marriages. Attorney Bacalis can provide guidance to help you understand whether you may be able to complete an uncontested divorce by negotiating a settlement. He is prepared to represent you in any court proceedings that will be necessary, and he will fight to protect your rights and your financial interests, helping you reach an outcome that will ensure that you can move forward successfully once your divorce is complete.

Negotiating a Divorce Settlement

While there are multiple approaches that can be taken during the divorce process, it is often best for spouses to attempt to work together to resolve their disputes outside of court whenever possible. In an uncontested divorce, a couple will work to create a divorce settlement that fully addresses all issues related to the dissolution of their marriage. In some cases, spouses may agree to participate in divorce mediation, while in others, they may negotiate with each other using other methods, such as communicating with each other through their respective attorneys.

The goal of an uncontested divorce will be to create a settlement agreement that the couple can file in court. Once their settlement is approved by a family court judge, their marriage will be legally dissolved. In their settlement, a couple can agree on how certain matters will be addressed, including:

  • Property division - Spouses can make decisions about how ownership of different types of property will be handled. Their settlement will include details about who will receive different assets or who will be responsible for repaying certain debts.
  • Spousal maintenance - A couple may agree that one spouse will pay financial support to the other, and their settlement will detail the amount that will be paid and the length of time that these payments will last.
  • Child custody - Parents can reach agreements on how they will share legal custody or conservatorship of their children and how they will make important decisions about issues such as children's medical care and education. Their settlement will also include a schedule for visitation time, detailing when children will live or spend time with each parent. Based on these decisions, a settlement will also specify the amount of child support that will be paid by one parent to the other.

Pursuing Divorce Litigation

If a couple is unable to reach agreements when negotiating a divorce settlement, they may need to resolve these issues through litigation in family court. A divorce trial may address all aspects of the end of a couple's marriage, or litigation may address issues that could not be resolved through negotiation or mediation. During a trial, both parties may make arguments, present evidence, and call witnesses. The judge in their case will make the final decisions about any outstanding issues, and they will then issue a divorce judgment that will legally dissolve the couple's marriage.

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Whether you expect your divorce to be contested or uncontested, it is crucial to have strong legal representation as you work to end your marriage. Our firm can make sure you are prepared to address all divorce-related issues, and we will help you understand the best ways to resolve the disputes you may encounter. To get the legal help you need during this process, contact us and arrange a free consultation by calling 409-392-1511. We work with divorcing spouses in Brazoria County, Galveston, League City, Galveston County, Dickinson, La Marque, Texas City, and Hitchcock.

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