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Legal issues that affect families can often be difficult to deal with. Entering a courtroom, answering questions asked by a judge, and following legal procedures can be an intimidating experience for anyone, but these situations can be even more stressful when the outcome of a case may have permanent effects on the relationships between parents, children, or other family members. When dealing with issues related to family law, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience representing clients in these types of cases. With the help of the right lawyer, a person can take steps to protect their rights, advocate for their interests, and find solutions that will allow them and their family members to move forward successfully.

The law firm of Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C. provides experienced legal representation in multiple types of family law cases. Attorney Daniel Bacalis is a board-certified family/divorce law specialist. This demonstrates that he has devoted his practice to matters involving family law, has handled multiple types of complex cases, has received ongoing training and education to stay abreast of the applicable laws, and has been recognized by his peers as someone who can provide excellent legal services for clients. We strive to help our clients resolve legal matters effectively and ensure that they can achieve positive outcomes in family law cases.

Experienced Legal Help With Family Law Matters

We can help family members resolve legal disputes through a variety of methods, including representing our clients in negotiations, advising them of their options for using mediation, or pursuing litigation in the courtroom. We can assist with multiple types of cases, including:

  • Divorce - The dissolution of a couple's marriage will require spouses to address multiple types of legal, financial, and personal issues. We can provide representation in both contested and uncontested divorce cases, helping to resolve matters related to property division, spousal maintenance, and more.
  • Child custody and visitation - Divorcing parents will need to make decisions about legal and physical custody of their children, and unmarried parents may also need to address these matters and put orders in place that will allow both parents to maintain ongoing relationships with their children. We can help parents protect their children's best interests in cases involving sole or joint custody, and we can also help address issues related to grandparents' rights regarding visitation with their grandchildren.
  • Child Support - Children have the right to receive financial support from both parents. We can make sure parents' obligations toward their children are determined correctly in divorce and child custody cases.
  • Adoptions - There are multiple situations where someone other than a biological parent may seek to become the legal parent of a child. We can assist with stepparent adoptions, private adoptions, international adoptions, and other types of adoption cases.
  • Paternity - If a child's parents are unmarried, they may need to take steps to ensure that the father is named as a legal parent. This will protect his right to share in child custody and visitation, and it will also establish child support obligations and provide other benefits for the father and the child.
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection - In cases where a spouse, child, or other family member has experienced abuse or other forms of physical or emotional harm, we can help victims seek help and obtain protection as they work to end their relationship. We can also provide representation for those who have been falsely accused of domestic abuse or family violence.

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