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Domestic abuse is a serious issue that affects people from all walks of life. Abuse can take many forms, including acts of physical or sexual violence, verbal attacks or threats to commit harm, unreasonable confinement or restrictions on someone's personal liberty, or controlling behavior such as limiting a person's access to a family's finances. Victims of abuse will often struggle to leave these situations, and they may fear for the safety of themselves, their children, or other family members. Fortunately, those who are in abusive relationships have options, and with the help of a family law attorney, they may be able to obtain an order of protection and take steps to remain safe from harm as they pursue a divorce or address issues related to child custody.

Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C. works to help family members protect their safety and address legal issues related to domestic violence and abuse. Attorney Bacalis has experience representing clients in multiple types of complex legal matters, and he is dedicated to helping family members resolve their cases in a manner that protects their rights and ensures that they and their children will be safe from harm. Whether you need to escape an abusive situation or need to respond to accusations of domestic violence, he can provide you with the strong and effective legal representation you need.

Addressing Family Violence and Domestic Abuse

The Texas Family Code details offenses that are considered to be family violence, which include:

  • Acts by a person against a member of their family, someone who lives in their household, or someone who formerly resided in the same home that are meant to result in physical harm, including assault, sexual assault, or other actions that result in bodily injury.
  • Threats by a person against a member of their family or household that cause a person to reasonably fear that they will suffer physical harm or bodily injury.
  • Abuse against children, including physical injuries, sexual conduct that causes a child to suffer physical or emotional harm, use of controlled substances that puts a child at risk of harm, or allowing a child to use drugs.
  • Dating violence committed by a person against a current or former romantic partner or against another person who is in a dating relationship or marriage with a current or former partner.

Orders of Protection in Family Violence Cases

In cases involving domestic violence, a victim or their family members may apply for a protective order that is meant to prevent any future acts of abuse and ensure that all parties involved will be safe from harm. An order of protection may be granted if family violence has occurred or if a person's behavior indicates that it is likely to occur in the future. In most cases, a person may apply for and receive an emergency order of protection (known as a "temporary ex parte protective order"). This type of order may go into effect immediately, and a hearing will be scheduled in which both parties will be able to present their side of the story. A judge will decide whether a permanent protective order will be needed. If a permanent order of protection is issued, it will usually remain in effect for up to two years.

A protective order will state that a person is prohibited from committing any acts of family violence, and it may also put other types of restrictions and requirements in place. A person may be prohibited from communicating with other members of their family or household or going near a family member's place of employment, school, or childcare facility. An alleged victim may be given exclusive possession of the family's home, and the alleged abuser may be required to pay child support or spousal support. A person who is the subject of an order of protection will generally be prohibited from owning or possessing firearms, and they may be required to receive counseling.

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If you, your child, or another person in your household have been the victim of abuse, our firm can help you request an order of protection, and we can provide you with representation as you address family law issues related to your case. We can also provide representation for those who have been accused of committing abuse, including helping them respond to false accusations and working to ensure that they will be able to maintain relationships with their children or other family members. Contact our office at 409-392-1511 to arrange a complimentary consultation today. We provide legal help with family law cases in Galveston County, La Marque, Texas City, League City, Brazoria County, Hitchcock, Dickinson, and Galveston.

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