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There are many different types of cases where parents may encounter legal issues related to the custody of their children, including when married spouses decide to divorce or when an unmarried couple breaks up. These cases can often involve contentious disputes, and a couple whose relationship has broken down may struggle to cooperate with each other and reach agreements about how their children should be raised. Understanding the best ways to address these situations can be difficult, but by working with an experienced attorney, a parent can take steps to protect their parental rights while making sure they are focusing on their children's best interests.

Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C. offers compassionate legal help and representation for parents in family law cases. As an attorney who is Board Certified in divorce and family law, Attorney Bacalis understands the legal and personal issues that can play a role in these cases, and he has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help parents resolve disputes effectively. During your case, he will make sure you understand how the laws of the State of Texas apply to you and your family, and he will provide guidance to help you resolve disputes as amicably as possible. However, he is also prepared to advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process to help you reach an outcome that will allow you to provide for your children's needs going forward.

Understanding Custody, Conservatorship, and Visitation

Texas laws refer to child custody as "conservatorship," and in most cases, parents are expected to share conservatorship of children. When parents are named joint managing conservators, they will have equal authority as they make decisions about issues such as children's medical care, education, and other important matters. In some situations, one parent may be named the sole managing conservator, and they will have the right to make all decisions about raising their children. In these cases, the other parent may be named a possessory conservator, which will allow them to have regular visitation time with their children.

Whether sole or joint custody will be appropriate, one parent will usually be granted the exclusive right to determine where children will primarily reside. However, they may be subject to restrictions requiring them to live within a certain geographic area, ensuring that the children will continue to live near the other parent, spend regular time with them, and maintain a close relationship.

Parents will need to create a visitation schedule that will detail when children will live or spend time with each parent. The Texas Family Code provides a "standard possession order" that is presumed to provide the minimum reasonable amount of time that a child may spend with a parent, and this type of order may apply in situations where children are over the age of three, as long as the parents' homes are not more than 100 miles away from each other. Under the standard possession order, children may stay with a parent every first, third, and fifth weekend of the month from Friday evening until Sunday evening, as well as during the evening every Thursday during the school year. Children may also spend time with each parent on alternating holidays, and a parent may have extended visitation time during summer vacations.

Other visitation arrangements may be determined in cases where parents live more than 100 miles apart or for children under the age of three. While the standard possession order serves as the minimum amount of time that children may spend with a parent in most cases, there may be some situations where other arrangements may be necessary, such as by restricting a parent's time with their children or requiring supervision to be present due to a history of domestic violence. Parents may also agree to other arrangements that fit their unique situation, such as sharing equal amounts of time with their children.

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Whether you are going through a divorce or need to address child-related issues as an unmarried parent, our firm can help you understand your options, and we will work to protect your children's best interests throughout the legal process. We can help you negotiate an agreement with your children's other parent, or we can help you take legal action in family court to protect your rights. Contact us and arrange a free consultation today by calling 409-392-1511. We provide legal help with child custody and visitation issues in Hitchcock, League City, Texas City, Galveston, La Marque, Brazoria County, Galveston County, and Dickinson.

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